Samsung Galaxy S8 Price in India & Everything Else You Need To Know

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 is now ready for launch in India this April. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Price in India is expected to be under Rs 50,000. You can combine your purchase with HDFC offers for Amazon to get 5% cash back.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Price in India

It’s a great departure from all the other Samsung smartphones under 5000, but it is an exceptional deal worth its price.

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So what is new with the Galaxy S8? A look into its physical and technical features will tell convince you to anticipate its launch more..

Infinity Display

Infinity Display

First is its incredible Infinity Display which gives its users an all content and wide display with no grooves or bezel to hold down the screen. The frame is taken away to give you a large display that leaves its user completely immersed with the boundaries removed. It simply covers almost the entire phone, taking off the usual mechanical key in front.

It is sleek and it provides more display compared to other Samsung smartphones under 5000. Using Galaxy S8 one gets more engrossed in watching the action on screen.  Its home button is still where it used to be located but what makes Samsung Galaxy S8 even better than all other smartphones, is that you can do more things at one time with its big screen.  This includes texting while watching a video and multitasking by resizing windows that omits your need to scroll. Aside from that, the phone’s navigation keys are hardly noticeable while still being accessible whenever you need them; totally seamless and elegant.

Bixby Assistant

Bixby Assistant

One of its significant features is its Bixby Assistant that has altered the manner of interacting with your Smartphone. Bixby becomes your personal assistant, which can understand what you need either through your voice, by text, or taps, or the camera. It can also serve as a search app like Google Assistant, which is also installed on the phone.

To start using this feature, simply open the camera app and let Bixby know what you want to do. It’s pretty interesting as Bixby is integrated with the Samsung Galaxy S8 to assist you with the tasks you usually do on your smartphone in a different way.

The camera itself can analyze content on-screen and show you an array of services, like finding places and products that might strike your interest or match items from Pinterest. It could even help you translate a document while making your searches easier as you no longer need to type your query in the box.

At the moment it isn’t one of the default functions of S8, still, Samsung customers are looking forward to more in the near future. While it has been announced that the voice functionality would only be available in the US by spring of this year, none has been said for other regions.

Bixby can also give you reminders; like with your scheduled meetings, whom to call back, and all other things you need to do at the right place and time. As its user, you may opt to have these reminders show up on the AOD screen of your Samsung Galaxy S8, your Bixby Home, or on the edge of its screen. Indeed a real personal assistant if you may ask me.

Smoother Yet Classy

For its other refinements, the phone has smoother fonts, clean menus, and is lighter to use while keeping the same familiar Samsung appearance. It may have changed the symbols used for navigation but hell, it looks classier this time.

Pro Camera

Bixby Assistant

When it comes to its camera, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has a built-in camera that works best both day and night. Found in the front and rear of the phone, the Galaxy S8 gives clear pictures even with minimal lighting with its F1.7 lens and 1.4um pixels with more focus. Not only that, it can also take pictures swiftly as your eyes with its Dual Pixel sensor combined with its wide opening to ensure that you get your pictures the way you want them to be.

What’s more is that its camera allows you to take shots like a pro. Simply turn on the Pro Mode on your Galaxy 8, and it will give you the adjustments you want; whether ISO, exposure, color tone, manual focus and WB or white balance with three focus options – foreground, background, or the combination of both.

Samsung Galaxy S8 also enables you to apply filters to your photos by using its preview option. You can choose any filter type from an array of filter options before taking the shot. All these features make you produce clear and bright pictures like a professional.

Iris Scanner

Iris Scanner

Since Samsung values your privacy and security, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is also built with safety mechanisms that prevent anyone from probing on your files or any personal data you have on your phone. With its Iris scanning technology, no one can access your data as your irises are yours alone and cannot be duplicated. Definitely a breakthrough, the Iris scanning technology is a unique way of authentication that makes your Galaxy 8 Smartphone stand guard all the time, giving it an edge over all the other smartphones available in the market today.

Cutting-edge Processor

Performance-wise, it is a reliable choice. It has 10nm processor; a forerunner of its kind to guarantee you with a more efficient and better performance. The Samsung Galaxy S8 provides you faster download speeds regardless of the size of data, not to mention a relentless gaming capacity to guarantee more fun.

Improved Audio Features and Battery Life

It also has an audio system that enables you to playback high quality music along with its earphones that are comfortable to use. Not to forget its expandable memory that can give you as much as 256 GB. At the same time, Galaxy 8 has a longer battery life with its wireless and fast charging ability.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is more than just a smartphone; it is a revolutionary innovation. Aside from having a wide display, the S8 is a big leap from all the other smartphones and Samsung smartphone upgrades. You can use the phone at anytime and anywhere, or at any state you are in; whether you are under sun or rain, and is also shock-resistant.

The box comes in with a handset, earphones tuned by AKG, a USB type-C cable, a travel adapter, a USB connector from C to A, a micro USB connector C to B, an ejection pin, ear tips, and a Quick Guide.

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