Best traveling apps to take when traveling to Vietnam

Best traveling apps to take when traveling to Vietnam

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On holidays, nothing better than taking advantage of these periods to get to know new places where the weather is good for vacation and plain travel. You can dive headlong into the discovery of new possibilities that a tropical country like Vietnam is capable of offering.

But thanks to the uninterrupted advance of technology, it is possible to take with you in Vietnam – in addition to your bags, of course – the best applications for travel, hotel bookings, visas and tours which can help and facilitate your days of enjoyment, leaving unforeseen events completely to one side.

Among the options below, you will find applications for all tastes and purposes but related to the proposed theme, which is travel. Some of them will help you to communicate, others will help you to find certain places with maximum practicality, while a good part of them will remain as your letter in the sleeve for situations beyond singular ones, but that will be the definitive factor to differentiate the good from the bad experiences.

What we can guarantee you is that a good part, not to say all, of the options present in this list, are essential for countless situations, being preferable to caution than to remedy. Moreover, loading the list of the best apps to travel on your smartphone will not add fees for excess baggage. You can relax and enjoy it!

Without further ado, let’s get down to business!

Our Top Travel Apps


Kindle Best Travel Applications

For lovers of reading, it is a great nuisance to have to carry books during the trip. However, this does not mean that you will have to go through such frustrations just to read your favorite title. Next to the Kindle application, reading enthusiasts will be able to carry them on their smartphone screen, being by far among the best applications for travel.

In it, you’ll find more than 1.5 million books at your disposal from the Amazon collection, which provides both free and paid books, of course. But for those who want to entertain themselves and pass the time, there are a million more free options, ranging from newspapers, magazines to great classics of world literature.

2. Airbnb

Airbnb Apps Travel

Your travel experience begins here, next to the Airbnb app. It will help you elaborate your trip from the very beginning, allowing you to discover places, experiences and, from that, gather information to elaborate your so dreamed trip. Booking is also possible through the application, which brings with it a lot of information, from photos to comments on the experiences obtained by the travelers who passed there. So you won’t have to risk your vacation without knowing what others found of that place before.

3. FlightAware

FlightAware App Travel

Flights, stopovers, airports, airlines… just get tired of talking about. Monitoring all this through applications is super complicated. Thinking of making your life easier within these issues FlightAware has come up, an app where you can track any flight in the world in real-time, know your estimated arrival and all the other information that surrounds you, such as delay alerts and much more.



In the list of best travel applications, you could not miss MAPS.ME and you will understand why. We’ve all been through this or a similar situation: that of looking lost, needing to paper the smartphone, along with the mobile data, just to access the GPS and be able to find north. The dark side of this operation is that you won’t always be in national territory, with variations by charges. Besides, the situation could be worse, like not counting on network/service and internet, leaving you at the mercy.

This is where MAPS.ME presents its advantages, as it is an OFFLINE user. This means you will be able to download maps of the region you will be visiting or exploring, ensuring that it is accessed at any time, with or without an internet connection and other factors. Perhaps this can be the application capable of differentiating those who go through good from bad experiences.

5. First aid by British Red Cross

First Aid App for Travel

Following the same idea that to remedy is never too much, First Aid fits perfectly in this matter. When it comes to choosing your travel apps, you can never count on this option too much – and hopefully, you won’t even have to use it.

This is because it gathers a lot of information about saving lives, especially what should be done in the presence of an emergency. Learn recommendations on countless situations, from those involving severe climates to road accidents. Best of all, you can follow the step by step of all the procedures and information, which have been gathered and officially provided by the British Red Cross. In short, having this app on hand can help you, as well as helping others in various situations. Having it is never too much!

6. Google Translator

Google Travel Application Translator

You can never have the renowned Google Translator among the countless applications on your smartphone, especially if you travel abroad quite often. No matter how fluent you are in a particular language, you’ll always have that word or sentence that condemns all your understanding. In these hours, nothing better than appeal to the traditional and complex Google Translator, which has over 103 languages cataloged in its vast digital collection.

However, sometimes it is impossible to write, even more so when even the letters are unknown and look more like symbols, as is the case with oriental culture. In the same way, this application will help you by simply taking a picture of the text or of a certain board to translate it according to your knowledge. Do not leave question marks along the way. Kill all questions along with this app.

7. CityMapper

CityMapper App Travel

Getting to a different place maybe the least bureaucratic part to experience on a trip, get around and get used to the different forms of transport they may have, is another story.

That’s why CityMapper doesn’t come out of my best travel app list because there you will find the easiest way to get around and go to certain places within the coverage region without having to go out asking for information or betting on luck.

In all, the app covers more than 39 cities and combines all possible modes of transportation to get to the exact location, showing from bus, train and subway schedules, to the time it would take to use different transports. It is complete, simple and very practical to use, breaking real branches!

8. WeatherPRO

WeatherPro Weather App

Traveling without a great weather app at hand can sum up your plans for failure. So WeatherPRO will fall like a glove to travelers on duty, ensuring you enjoy much more without having to frustrate yourself with unforeseen events.

In the application store, you can find many options, but we chose WeatherPRO for simple reasons: The first is that it’s very detailed, including skiing climate, beach, UV factors, water temperature and more. The second is its accuracy, which is unbeatable with other features and almost never misses its predictions. Whether it is to anticipate and plan your trip, or to follow the next steps of nature, it is your big card.

9. Prey Anti Theft

Prey Anti Theft

Travelling can be something very rewarding, as well as something very painful and all this will depend on your care with your belongings, especially your smartphone, which is one of the most targeted objects when performing a theft.

Far from home and within unfamiliar territories, having an application that helps you in case of loss or theft can be essential, and that’s exactly what Prey Anti Theft is for. In other words, it helps you find your smartphone, either through alarms, ringtones or, in more serious cases, using even more advanced and complex features, even allowing you to block the device to prevent access by others.

10. XE Currency

XE Currency Travel Exchange

Do you know how much 36,400 VND (Vietnam Dong) is worth in conversion to your country’s currency? What is the guarantee that you are not being passed backward in a place where currencies are completely different from your culture? In these situations the XE Currency application will be your great savior, ridding you of great pitfalls, Bino.

Although it works online, the application also collects and stores the latest updated rates, so you can continue using it even without using the internet. So you can use it on your trips to perform the direct conversion of prices without needing a wi-fi point. From a distance, simple, practical and very efficient.

11. AroundMe

AroundMe App Travel

Going to a certain city outside the country to know only what is within your route may not be as beneficial as it seems. Close to us there are always places and options to get to know, from bars, restaurants to several other attractions. Besides this situation, you may want to find a certain place that is close to you, like a gas station or a certain shop, for example. In these situations, AroundMe is a champion application in helping its users.

It works by taking your current location and from there it searches all the other points near you, be they banks, bars, gas stations, hospitals, hotels, movie theaters, restaurants, supermarkets, stores, taxis, theaters and much more. All this so that you are not lost even when inside unknown territories. Very simple to use and worthy to be among the best apps for travel.

12. Duolingo


Not everyone, not to mention most, visits foreign countries carrying with them a good base of linguistic knowledge. Most go naked and, for this reason, end up experiencing embarrassing scenes that could have been avoided by having a good base, nothing much more.

For those who are looking for the best travel applications, Duolingo is phenomenal and no wonder it was considered by Google as “The best of the best” in 2013 and 2014. Thanks to its extreme simplicity in teaching, it ensures that many learn up to 27 languages easily, including Klingon – should you decide to travel there. The best of it is that the lessons start from the basics to the extreme, so that you can get the real thing from the beginning very easily, learning as much to read as write, listen and speak!

13. SAS Survival Guide

SAS Survival Guide

As fictitious as it is, no one would like to venture solitarily into some inhospitable terrain or place after getting lost or going through an episode similar to that of the film Shipwreck. That’s why it’s always important to have at hand some knowledge that involves survival, which dispenses with the daily facilities and organisms were used to. That’s why the SAS Survival Guide app comes as a real card up our sleeve.

Created by a former Space Air Service soldier and instructor, the app brings with it a lot of golden information that can help you to do well in a possible situation like this. In it, you can find code tips (Morse), methods of creating fire using materials found in nature, how to create shelters and much more. Those watching Discovery will feel a connection with the survival episodes starring the renowned Bear Grylls.

14. Bonus: Flush

Bonus Flush Best Traveling Applications

Finding toilets, depending on the location, can be a simple or, on the contrary, a very complicated task. That’s why the Flush app is present in this list, to make sure your trip doesn’t end up in tight and dirty.

It contains data on more than 200,000 public toilets, a list that is continually expanded to propose even more options – preferably even closer – for you to use the toilet. In addition, it offers information on fees, whether or not you have a key to access it and whether it is accessible to disabled and/or elderly people. It’s complimentary, but you’ll know if you don’t have to!

This was our list of the best apps for a trip and we hope you enjoyed it. Remember that we’re constantly improving, adding new options whenever they come up. If you have any suggestions to propose to us, feel free to share them through the comments. We’ll love to extend the possibilities of apps for your contribution to use in Vietnam.

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