The Best Upcoming Phones in India in 2017 (UPDATED FEB 2017)

Better start saving up if you want to purchase one of the top upcoming mobiles of the season. There are many brands that you can find on the market, which can be categorized as premium, mid-range, or budget phone. Some of the famous brands include Samsung and Apple.

The best part about the year 2017 is that many brands are launching their phones again into the market with a promise of great features. This includes the likes of Motorola and Nokia.

For your ease, we have picked the top five upcoming mobiles which are sure to grab your attention. They have been listed down by premium, mid-range, and budget. This will make it easier for you as every phone has been divided according to its expected price.

Here is a cool infographic about the phones that are expected to be launched in India in 2017


We agree that the task of choosing a phone can be daunting, especially if you don’t know anything about the market and are unsure about the phones which are available and will be coming soon.

Upcoming Mobile Phones

To make it easier, you can read the following to know more about the upcoming mobile phones.

Premium Upcoming Phones in India

Samsung Galaxy S8

Upcoming Mobiles in India - Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung is currently one of the leading phone brands. If someone is not carrying an iPhone, they will probably have a Samsung mobile.

It is presumably because of the brand name which provides users with some security and reliability. The features of the phone are quite brilliant, which is one of the reasons why we are looking forward to its arrival.

Launch date

This mobile is said to be released on 10th February 2017. There is a possibility that the phone will get delayed, though.


It is a premium phone as it has a high price of Rs. 60,999. It is just the expected price, and there are chances that it will go up or down; one can never be too sure.


One thing that we know a lot of users require is the support of different networks at the same time. Lucky for us, this phone is said to have a dual SIM system. However, it does lack hybrid SIM functions.

As it is one of the upcoming mobile phones, it needs to stay updated with the market or have an edge over its competitors. The edge that this phone has is that it is completely waterproof – it can survive underwater for a long time.

The phone is also available in a variety of colors, namely gold, silver and black. It is a smartphone, and you can also use it as a phablet as it falls in that category. It is said to support a dual Nano SIM card.

There is a fingerprint scanner feature added to the phone so that you can lock it and no one will be able to open the phone. The network supported by it said to be LTE + LTE.

The body of the phone is supposed to be made of metal which makes it durable, and the metal is the sort that will not witness any scratches easily.


The premium pricing of this phone is justified as it comes with a whole bunch of features that make this phone so great. It is possible that this phone becomes the most preferred in the list of upcoming mobiles.

Motorola Moto Z Force

Upcoming Smartphones in India - Motorola Moto Z Force

We all remember the Moto Razr and most of us even had it. It was considered to be one of the best phones of its time; in fact, a lot of us still wish we could use that phone. But now it is said that Motorola will be making a comeback.

It is supposed to release some mobile phones all over the world which will vary in design, features, and price. Right now, we have shortlisted one of its phones that we feel will be a good one: the Motorola Moto Z Force.

Launch date

The launch of this upcoming mobile phone is said to be 20th March 2017. It is possible that the launch gets delayed from the said date. Nothing is certain at this point, but whatever the date, we are anxiously awaiting it.


The phone has been priced at Rs. 40,000. This is the expected cost of this model, so we cannot be too sure whether it will increase or decrease.


When you look at the feature list of this mobile phone, you will be left in awe. Who knew Motorola had it in it to produce such glorious mobiles? Let’s get one thing straight: this phone does not support dual or hybrid SIM.

You will only be able to insert one SIM at a time, which may be inconvenient for many people. However, the phone does come with a fingerprint scanner and will be considered as a smartphone; you can also use it as a phablet if you like.

It is said that it will be available in four different colors, namely gold, rose gold, gray, and black. You will only be able to insert a Nano SIM in this phone. The network it is said to support is GSM.

The phone’s weight mentioned makes it quite light in weight, weighing in at only 163 grams, which would make it quite easy to carry around. The dimensions are said to be 155.9 x 75.8 x 6.9 mm.


In line with all its upcoming mobiles, for this particular one, it is not just these features that are said to make the phone great. When you check out the display specifications of the phone, you will understand the quality which it will present.

We can hardly wait to see this phone and already recommend it as one of the best mobiles for 2017.

Nokia P

Upcoming Phones - Nokia P

Nokia is said to come with an excellent line of mobiles after the company’s takeover. The upcoming series of phones is priced differently, but a model that falls in the premium category is Nokia P.

Launch date

The expected launch date of the mobile is 16th April 2017, a date that is subject to change.


The planned cost of the cell phone is Rs. 42,999, which is also subject to change.


This phone will only be available in black color and will not come in a metal body. The category that it will fall into is both smartphone and phablet, so you can have an idea of the size of the phone.

The phone will only be able to support a dual Nano SIM. It does not have a fingerprint scanner and neither is it waterproof. The network backed by this phone is LTE + LTE. The operating system is the latest model available in mobile phones: Android v7.0 Nougat.


Though it may feel like the phone does not come with too many features, there is a lot more that it does support. For example, it has a 64 GB internal storage and a 23 MP rear camera.

You should research a bit more on the phone, and you will find it to be one of the best upcoming phones.

Apple iPhone 8

Upcoming Phones in India - Apple iPhone 8

The iPhone probably doesn’t need any introduction, but we should let you know that this year, the iPhone 8 will be hitting the markets. This phone is one of the highest priced phones, so it will fall in the extremely premium category if there is such a thing like that.

Launch date

The expected date is 5th March 2017, but it is subject to change.


As we said before, it lies on the much higher end of the premium spectrum. The expected price of the phone is Rs. 90,999. It can vary when the phone gets released.


Apple is known to have phones in various colors, and the upcoming iPhone 8 will be available in a metal body and different colors including rose gold, gold, silver and black. It is said that the phone does not fall into the phablet category but will cover the smartphone category.

It will not support dual or hybrid SIM but will only be able to accept Nano SIMs. The phone will be waterproof and, like the previous model, will have a fingerprint scanner. The phone will only support a GSM network. It will have an operating system of iOS v10.


The brand reputation is what sells the phone, and this brand is one of the highest priced phones that you will find on the market. Every customer has always been highly satisfied with the phone and will love the experience it offers.

HTC 11

Upcoming Mobile - HTC 11

The brand has not been introducing too many models this year, but one model that it will, falls in the premium category and is called the HTC 11.

Launch date

The expected launch date, subject to change, is 19th January 2017.


The price that we expect from the phone is Rs. 51,999, which is also subject to change.


The phone will only be available in a few different colors, namely gold, silver and black. It falls into the smartphone/phablet category. The phone only supports dual SIM which needs to be Nano in size.

The phone is waterproof and includes a fingerprint scanner. The network backed by the phone is LTE + LTE. The operating system of the phone is the latest Android v7.0 Nougat.


HTC is a great brand to own and has always put forward reliable phones. We don’t see why this model will be any different.


OnePlus 4

OnePlus 4

The OnePlus is regarded as one of the best phones in the market ever since its launch a few years ago. The brand itself has not been able to gain too much popularity as many people are a bit reluctant to try a new brand.

Even so, those who have used it are quite addicted to the brand and don’t want anything more. This particular model of the phone is said to be one of the best upcoming smartphones in India. There are no other upcoming mobiles from this brand in this year.

There are no other upcoming mobiles from this brand in this year.

Launch date

The OnePlus 4’s expected launch date is said to be May 20th 2017. There is a slight possibility that this time may vary and the phone can be launched before or after this date.


This phone falls in the higher priced category as it is said to come with a retail price tag of Rs. 32,000. The phone is a steal for this price as it is considered to be one of the best models in the world.


The fourth of its kind to come out, this mobile is expected to be a big hit in the market. Quite a lot of people are waiting for its launch as the specifications listed indicate that this phone will be far better than its previous model.

There is no hybrid SIM option present in this phone, but you will have a dual SIM feature where you can directly operate two SIMs at the same time. It does not have a wide color range and will only be available in gunmetal or gold. The phone will fall in the smartphone category, but many people may even like to use it as a phablet.

One downside of the phone is that it is not waterproof, but to make up for that, the phone will come with a fingerprint scanner. Only you will be able to operate the phone as your print will only allow you to unlock it.

It is shaped like any other smartphone, and you will be able to grip it with one hand easily. The body is made of metal which is not scratchable, but you will need to take care of your phone.


Even though the phone is not on the market yet, we are confident that the quality of the phone will be excellent as the manufacturers are known for this aspect and will land among the top upcoming mobiles. The company only makes two phones at a time to ensure that its standards are met at all times.

Nokia Z2 Plus

Nokia Z2 Plus

Nokia has been in the market since the first mobile was developed. At one point it ruled the industry, but sadly it was not able to keep up with the technology advancement. We sincerely think that after so many efforts and the takeover, the brand will be able to deliver quality mobiles this year.

There are a few models that the brand is introducing as upcoming phones in India, and we have picked the one that we liked the best: the Nokia Z2 Plus. The features of this phone are great, and you will be completely satisfied from the specifications that have been specified thus far.

Launch date

Like the rest of the mobiles listed above, the launch date of this mobile is an expected one; it can be extended further by the manufacturers. The supposed launch date of this phone is 28th April 2017.


What has been quoted here is just the expected price of this particular model of Nokia’s upcoming phone, so the actual price may vary. For this model, the price currently quoted is Rs. 29,999. This price falls in the mid-range of mobile phones.


We know that many people prefer metal phones because they look great and are more durable, but this phone does not have a metal body. There are only two different colors available in this phone: black and silver. The form factor of this mobile is also a bar, not any different from the others except in size.

The phone falls in the smartphone and phablet category. The size is medium and will fit your grip firmly. It is said to only dual support SIMs; you cannot use the hybrid SIM option in this phone. The network present is LTE + LTE, which is great and widely accessible. However, the phone does not come with a fingerprint scanner and neither is it waterproof.


The phone provides value for money as it is one of the best upcoming mobiles that you will find on the market. The phone also comes with a variety of advanced features that are becoming the norm in the phones being introduced in 2017.

Though only time will tell about the actual phone and how it functions, from the looks of it, it seems to be turning out pretty well.

Motorola Moto Z Style

Upcoming Mobile Phones - Motorola Moto Z Style

We can’t keep ourselves from not listing Motorola phones. It is one of the best brands that you can buy and is highly reliable. You will find many upcoming mobiles from this brand, but we feel that this one is an excellent model as it checks almost all of the boxes when you look for a mobile that falls in this range.

Launch date

The phone is expected to be launched soon, so if you can hold your horses, you definitely should as you will be getting one of the best models. The expected launch date of the phone is 9th June 2017, which is almost around the corner.


The price of the model is backed by quality. The expected price of this phone is Rs. 30,499, though it is possible that it can change when the phone is launched.


You will have three different colors that you can choose from: black, silver, and gold. The form factor of the phone is, like the rest of the upcoming mobiles, a bar form. The phone will fall into two categories, which are the smartphone and phablet categories. The phone will only be able to support dual SIM; it will not support a hybrid SIM. The SIM card that you can use is a dual Nano SIM card; you will have to get yours adjusted accordingly.

The great part about the phone is that it is waterproof and comes with a fingerprint scanner – two features that are hardly present together in upcoming mobiles. The network supported by the phone is LTE + GSM. It has one of the latest operating systems, which is Android v6.0.1 Marshmallow which is not too readily available in other upcoming mobiles.


Motorola is a great brand, so this phone has to be an excellent model as well. It comes with many other features that we believe make up for the price and is sure to provide satisfactory results to anyone who plans on using it.

Xiaomi Mi Note 2

Upcoming mobiles 2017 - Xiaomi Mi Note 2

Yes, this brand also has a few upcoming mobiles in this range. The brand and this model will not disappoint you as it has features that are considered to be great and, hence, is priced accordingly.

Launch date

The phone is expected to be launched on 15th March 2017, a date that can vary.


The price range can also vary when the phone is launched. Currently, the expected price of the phone is Rs. 27,999.


Considering the features that this phone offers, it is very light in weight. The total weight is about 166 grams only. The phone will be available in black and silver only. The form factor of the phone is a bar, and it has a metal body.

The phone will only be able to support Dual Nano SIM and will not work with hybrid SIMs. It is not waterproof but does come with a fingerprint scanner. It also supports LTE + LTE networks. The operating system of the phone is Android v6.0 Marshmallow with an MIUI 8 custom UI.


The phone is one of the best you will find that is packed with a bunch of features and completes its mission of providing quality for value.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

New Upcoming Mobiles - Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

The phone is considered to be reliable as the brand is a well-recognized one. Out of many upcoming mobiles, the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro is also one of the models that we feel fits great with the rest listed here.

Launch date

The expected launch date of the phone is 18th January 2017; it can vary as well.


The planned price of the mobile can vary, but at the moment, it will fall at Rs. 31,670.


It will only be available in gold and rose gold. The form factor of the phone is a bar. The phone will only be able to support a dual SIM, which has to be the Nano SIM type. The phone is not waterproof but will come with a fingerprint scanner. It has an LTE + GSM network system and an operating system of Android v6.0 Marshmallow. The phone weighs only 185 grams.


If you are looking for a good phone that is not too heavy, then you might want to consider this model out of the other upcoming mobiles.

Upcoming Budget Smartphones

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X

Upcoming Budget Smartphones - Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X

The company Xiaomi is not as strong a player in the market as the rest of the brands listed above. If you are looking for upcoming budget smartphones, then you may want to consider the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X.

This mobile is packed with features and if it comes out the way the company has portrayed, it may as well be the best of the lot.

Launch date

The expected launch date of this upcoming mobile is 26th March 2017. The date is not too far away, but do keep in mind that there is a possibility of delay in the launch, so keep checking to see when the phone will be introduced.


Unlike the upcoming mobiles listed above, this one is priced for people who are on a budget. The expected price of this phone is around Rs. 13,999, which you will notice is a great price with the features that are being offered.


It is said that the phone will be available in three different colors. These include the likes of gray, gold, and silver. There is no announcement of the phone coming in black or white. The form of the phone, like the rest of the upcoming mobiles, is a bar.

Again, just like the other upcoming mobiles, the phone can be categorized as a smartphone and a phablet. One of the great parts about this phone is that it supports both hybrid SIMs and dual SIMs. The hybrid SIMs include micro and Nano SIM cards. The dual SIM card supported is Nano SIM.

The phone is not waterproof but does come with a fingerprint scanner which may be lacking in many mid-range upcoming mobiles.


Not everyone has a very high budget to spend when it comes to phones, especially upcoming mobiles that are highly priced in the beginning. These people have the right to purchase a phone that will give them a quality product at a lower price. This phone is one of them, fulfilling the needs of the mass market while ensuring a place in their hearts.

Nokia D1C

Nokia D1C

Nokia has always been a huge player in the market and we expect nothing better than the best from it. Since almost always, it has introduced a variety of phones that have catered to almost every type of market.

With its upcoming mobiles, it has done the same thing. You will find a bunch of new ones that will easily fit in your budget as well. One such mobile is the Nokia D1C which is packed with various features and is supposed to be one of the best budget mobiles.

Launch date

It is expected that this mobile will be launched on 1st March 2017, which is not too far away. If you are looking to purchase one from the upcoming mobile range, then it is recommended that you wait for this mobile to be launched.


As we said before, this mobile will easily fit into your budget as the expected cost of the mobile is Rs. 10,000. Again, this price is just a rough estimate; the actual price may differ from the original one.


It is expected that there will be three different colors that the phone will be available in – black, white and gold. These colors are excellent ones and no matter which color you choose, the phone is bound to look great. Everyone wants to know the form factor of the phone; this one comes in shape of a bar, which is the most preferred smartphone style.

The phone also falls in the smartphone and phablet category; you can make a rough estimate of the size of the phone through this. It is expected that the phone will only be able to support a dual SIM. If you are looking for one that can handle a hybrid SIM as well, then you will need to look for another model.

This mobile will also be able to support a dual micro SIM card, so ensure that your SIM is that sort before your purchase the mobile. However, the phone will not come with a fingerprint scanner and neither is it waterproof. The networks supported by the phone are LTE + GSM.

We understand that the operating system is one thing that needs to be updated. Hence, we added this phone to the list as it comes with the latest Android v7.0 Nougat.


If you are on a budget and want a mobile that comes from a reliable manufacturer, then you ought to consider this model.

Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime

Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime

Many people are reluctant to buy this brand as it majorly caters to the budget needs of the market. However, there is nothing to fear as this phone is by far one of the best models you will find. It is reliable, comes with a warranty, and is stylish at the same time.

Launch date

Unlike most upcoming mobiles, this model is expected to launch at the end of the first month. The expected launch date of this phone is 20th January 2017. The date can vary and it can be released after the said date.


Out of all the upcoming mobiles listed in this article, this model is priced the lowest at Rs. 8,999. Let’s make one thing clear: the price is still an estimate and can vary from the actual price.


This phone is probably one of the lightest ones that you will find; it only weighs about 158 grams! Don’t worry too much about the weight as the phone has a metal body finish and is highly durable and resistant to scratches.

There are a few different colors available in this model: gray, silver, and gold. The phone’s format is a bar phone similar to the rest of the upcoming mobiles. However, this phone does not fall into a phablet category; it will only be marked as a smartphone.

The phone supports both dual and hybrid SIMs and dual Nano SIM cards, so make sure that’s what you have. The phone is not waterproof, but it does come with a fingerprint scanner. The phone supports a network of LTE + LTE.

The operating system supported is Android v6.0 Marshmallow and the custom UI is MIUI 8.


One of the best upcoming mobiles in the market is the Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime that will fit your budget perfectly. It will fall under Rs. 10,000 and will give you a great user experience which will not cause any complaints during the time you use it.

Motorola Moto G5 Plus

Motorola is one of the most major brands we can imagine, especially due to the durability and reliability it offers in its phones.

Its upcoming mobiles are priced differently, and a few models fall into the budget price range as well. One of the best budget range mobiles you can buy of this brand is the Motorola Moto G5 Plus.

Launch date

It is expected that this mobile will launch on 10th February 2017. This date is an expected time that has been announced, but it is a possibility that it may go up or down.


Even though the upcoming mobiles of this brand are priced higher, this model is one of the best you will get at a budget price. The estimated price of this mobile is Rs. 16,999 which can vary when it is launched by the manufacturers.


The form factor of this mobile is bar-shaped and is only available in two colors: black and white. However, this phone falls in the smartphone and phablet category, so you can have a rough idea of how big it will be.

The phone supports a dual SIM but will not work with hybrid SIMs. The type of SIM card you will require for this phone is a dual micro SIM card. The phone is not waterproof, but it does come with a fingerprint scanner. The type of network supported by the phone is LTE + GSM. It has the latest operating system which is Android v7.0 Nougat.


A great phone falling in the upper budget phone range, it is worth the money as it is an upcoming model which is manufactured by one of the best brands in the world.

LeEco Le 2 Pro

LeEco Le 2 Pro

Don’t be too fooled by the label as this upcoming mobile is one of the best and comes in a few different types. An excellent model of this range that we like is the LeEco Le 2 Pro. It is packed with many features and is of top quality, ensuring durability and robustness. The phone will also easily fit your range with its estimated price.

Launch date

The phone is expected to be released by 20th February 2017, which is not too far away, so hold up till the new range of phones is launched. The date can vary and can either go up or down.


The price of the phone is quite reasonable when compared to that of many other brands. It is considered to fall in the middle of the budget price range of new upcoming mobiles. The expected price of the phone is Rs. 14,999, but the actual price can vary.


This model is also one of the lightest phone models that you will find as it weighs only 153 grams. Be assured that this lightweight mobile is durable and will be able to withstand pressure, but like any other upcoming mobile, it is still breakable under extreme pressure.

The phone will only be available in gold and silver colors and the form factor of the phone, much like all the other upcoming mobiles, is a bar. The phone will fall into a smartphone and phablet category. It will only be able to support dual SIM but will not be able to sustain hybrid SIM. The type of SIM card that you can use with this phone is the dual Nano SIM card.

The phone is not waterproof but does come with a fingerprint scanner. The networks that this phone allows are LTE + LTE.  The operating system, though not new, is still one of the latest ones, which is Android v6.0 Marshmallow which comes with a 5.8 EUI.


The phone may not seem much or may not look too sleek, but it is still considered to be one of the most fantastic upcoming mobiles. Your budget should easily compensate for this mobile, and it will serve its purpose.

Summing it all up…

The top-of-the-line upcoming phones have now been listed here. We hope that the article has been helpful and will assist you further when you are trying to buy a phone, no matter what your price range.

There are many other phones that will also be released on the market in the year 2017, so you will need to keep your eyes peeled for the best upcoming smartphones in India.

Our Advice For Upcoming Mobiles in 2017

If you plan on getting a phone, then we would suggest that you wait for a little and let the line of phones come out so that you have a wider range of options to choose from. From the trend witnessed, we say that most of the upcoming mobiles will be released by the end of the year’s first quarter.

Driving Safely with Cell Phones

Tips for Using your Mobile When Traveling

Travelers realize it’s unsafe to yak on the phone and drive – and increasingly, it’s illegal to do so.

Business Traveler tips to promote safe driving and mobile talking practices:

  • Use hands free devices and speaker phone settings. A Bluetooth headset or earbud device is better than anything corded, as lines can get tangled and interfere with safe driving.
  • Use a car phone charger. If the phone is fully charged, you will fiddle with it less.
  • Don’t text and drive! Don’t send a text. Don’t read a text. The Wall Street Journal says, “In…Oregon, pending bills would provide fines — up to $720 in one of them — for any driver caught texting or holding a cell phone to an ear. And in Arizona, a bill is pending that would make DWT (driving while texting) a ticketable offense.”
  • Set speed dial options for items you know you will use before setting out. In particular, set up speed assignments for your hotel, business contacts, AAA or other roadside assistance, and airport phone numbers for your own flights or for anyone you may be picking up.
  • Be willing to pull over the vehicle and give a phone call your full attention. Find a safe place to park, like a parking lot for fast food, retail or gasoline. Use rest stops on the highways for driving breaks and phone conversations. Most US rest areas are clean and safe, at least during the day.
  • Learn your phone well. Know where everything is on your phone – redial, speed dials, volume, power switch, voice mail. Driving is not the time to wonder how to check the memo page or play with your iPhone settings.
  • Know state and country laws regarding yakking at the wheel. Some US states will slap you with fines for holding a phone while driving. Try Motorola’s Drive Safe, Call Smart round up of links for cell phone driving articles for the US, Canada and the UK. Business Week lists current US state handheld cell phone driving laws. For other countries, Cellular News offers a country listing chart.
  • Let your caller know you are driving and that driving safety and awareness must be your first priority.
  • Hold off on all important business calls for later, when you are safely at your hotel, the airport, or other non-moving destination.

Cell Phones for Travelers

National Geographic Introduces Phone that Works All Over World

A decade ago, having a cell phone while one backpacked through Europe would seem like a crazy idea. Today, while it’s not impossible to get around with out one, a cell phone can become a handy travel tool.

Enter National Geographic. Although it may not be the first company to come to mind – not sure what T-Mobile, Sprint and Orange were up to – National Geographic is helping travelers keep in touch as well as keep their communication expenses down.

Throughout Europe, as well as in dozens of others (105 at last count) users can get free incoming calls with the new National Geographic Talk Abroad Travel Phone. Rates for outgoing calls in Europe start at 90 cents per minute, while most other cell phone providers charge an average of $1.50 per minute for both outgoing and incoming calls. In other countries, the rate may be significantly higher. For example, outgoing calls in Iraq will cost the traveler about $2.50 per minute.

Phones can be either purchased or rented, depending on the travelers plans, and they do not require a contract because they work on a prepaid plan.

“With a prepaid solution, we’re avoiding cellular sticker shock,” says Markus Hutnak, of National Geographic.

The phones have a United Kingdom-based number and a special SIM card. Additionally, many travelers can just purchase the SIM card and snap it into their own phone.

While incoming calls are free for the person with the National Geographic phone, those who initiate the calls are charged standard international rates. Basically, if you’re calling your friend who may be around the corner in Germany, you’re going to be charged for a Germany to U.K. phone call. This might be where cellular sticker shock comes in.

“Our biggest clients are study-abroad students and tourists,” said Scott Nielsen, vice president of business development for Cellular Abroad, which is managing, distributing and servicing the phones. “Business travelers can expense their phone bills, so they don’t care as much about price gouging, but for tourists, the free incoming calls save users a lot of money.”

Hutnak, however, says recreationists and tour guides have also shown interest in the cellular service.

Also, although the phone will work in many countries throughout the world, it is dependent on cellular towers and will not work in some remote areas.

Cell Phones and the Classroom

Schools and Parents Should Adopt Clear Policies to Benefit Al

Cell phones began to become commonplace at the end of the 1990’s. They became smaller and digital and cheaper to use. The “calling plan” became popular, then prepaid minutes were ideal for people with bad credit or children whose chatter needed to be restricted. Text messaging turned out to be as popular as e-mail and was a way for kids to communicate without anyone listening in. However, the cell phones started to be omnipresent in many students’ hands, and caused a disruption in the classroom. It was easy for schools to ban use and possession of cell phones. There was no justification for students to have them. Then, September 11, 2001, the American view of safety changed. It seemed that the rules had to shift. Parents who previously cooperated with the school now defied the cellular ban—their kids were going to be able to contact them if another act of terrorism occurred. School officials were against the wall on this issue—if cell phones were banned, and an emergency situation arose, who might be liable? The ban was relaxed. Cell phones were not exactly encouraged, but administration turned a blind eye to the possession of them.

This is where the controversy lies—should cell phones be banned completely or should students be allowed to use them? Where do educators draw the line? Here are some of the issues that cell phone use by students has raised:

  • Does the school have the right to take cell phones from students?
  • When is cell phone use by students appropriate?
  • Do cell phones encourage drug dealing and gang-related activity?
  • How much of class time needs to be wasted when a student’s cell phone is stolen?
  • Should students be able to call their parents during class and have them listen in on the teacher’s reprimands to the class?
  • Should camera phones be allowed?
  • Should students be required to leave phones at home during state-mandated testing (makes cheating easier)?
  • Have there really been emergencies in which a student’s cell phone has been the savior?

There is no doubt that the cell phone is a wonderful convenience, but it has become a disruption to the educational environment. Parents and educators must work together to establish policies that are fair to all concerned, that address the issues that cell phone use have brought to the classroom.

The Best Samsung Smartphones Under 5000

Samsung Smartphones

Samsung is a leader in many segments of the technology industry. They are known for their high-quality products, including TVs, appliances, tablets and of course smartphones. Samsung phones are known for their state of the art features, craftsmanship and design.

They cater to all price ranges, so if you’re looking for a Samsung smartphone under 5000, you may be surprised at the options you’ll have at this price in 2017.

Choosing Your Phone

Picking a new mobile is a big deal, right? It’s a medium-term commitment since you’ll likely have your mobile phone a year or longer. We all have different schedules, priorities, and needs, so there is no one-size-fits-all smartphone that is best for everyone.

Things like battery life, screen size, camera quality, Wi-fi/Bluetooth capability, and type of processor will all play a part in your decision.

Our Reviews

We decided to round up a few of the most popular Samsung smartphones under 5000 available in India in 2017 and test them out. We wanted to see their features and capabilities in action, and to try and find the best ones among this price range. Now, let’s get to the list.

Top Samsung Smartphones Under 5000

Samsung Tizen T2 (The Best Dual SIM Smartphone Under 5000)

Samsung Tizen T2

The Tizen T2 is a dual SIM, quad core 1.5 GHz CPU. The Super AMOLED touchscreen is colorful, responsive, and big enough at 4 inches. Super AMOLED offers better viewing in sunlight than regular AMOLED and consumes less battery as well.

This phone also has two cameras. The back camera is 5 megapixel and is equipped with flash and auto-focus. All things considered, the camera can get the job done, and take decent pictures. There’s also a front-facing, .3 megapixel camera. The quality isn’t great, but it’s enough for a selfie.

As stated before, the T2 runs on a 1.5 GHz processor. The phone quickly responds to touch commands and loads application quickly. You can switch between apps quickly without interruption from slow load times. It supports Wi-fi, 3G, 4G, GPS, and Bluetooth. The 1500 mAH battery will last most of the day considering normal usage.

This the best and only Dual SIM smartphone under 5000.

– Super AMOLED display
– Good camera
– Strong processor
– Supports Wi-fi, Bluetooth, GPS

– Low resolution
– Front camera isn’t very good

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Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace

Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace

The J1 Ace offers many of the features that the T2 did, but in an upgraded fashion. This android smartphone makes our list because of it’s large screen, long lasting battery, and impressive camera.

The J1 Ace has a 4.3 inch, Super AMOLED display with a decent 480 x 800 pixel ration. As stated in the first review, this type of screen is perfect for it’s battery-saving ability.

This phone is powered by a 1.3 GHz dual-core processor.

If you like taking selfies, then this phone will appeal to you. The 2-megapixel front camera takes really nice pictures. This front camera also allows you to do video calling. It does have a 5 megapixel, auto-focus and flash enabled back camera too.

The calling card for this phone has to be the big 1800 mAH battery. It provides all day reliability, with 8 hours of talk time before needing a charge.

– Super AMOLED display
– Large screen
– Two quality cameras
– Long lasting battery
– GPS, Wi-fi, Bluetooth enabled

– Low screen resolution
– Small amount of RAM
– Processor can struggle at times when moving between apps

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Samsung Galaxy Star Advance

Samsung Galaxy Star Advance

Another affordable option for the Indian market on our list is the Galaxy Star Advance. It can be described as bare-bones compared so some of the others on our list, but it still manages to pack enough features in to be worth the price.

The 4.3-inch touch screen makes this phone one of the cheapest for a display this size. The resolution isn’t fantastic, but the screen is colorful and responsive. The 1.2 GHz processor powering the phone seems to have enough power to do it’s job. Navigating through different screens and menus was not an issue. This is awesome at this price.

The star advance has the bare minimum covered, too: Wi-fi, Bluetooth, and FM radio come included. No GPS or 3G, but who needs those anyway, right?

– Affordable
– Large screen
– Good enough processor
– Classic Samsung design

– No front camera
– No GPS
– No 3G

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Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670

We like this Galaxy Fit because it’s an excellent middle of the pack option for the Indian market. This phone is well under 5000, but it still has some of the same features as the best mobile phones on this list.

This is also a smaller, lightweight phone compared to the others on the list. The screen measures 3.3 inches. It has a 1350 mAH battery and a 600 MHz processor. For this efficient phone, the battery life is really great: 10.7 hours of talk time, 26.8 days of standby.

Even though this smartphone is small, it packs a punch. It has Wi-fi, 3G, Bluetooth, GPS, and an impressive 5 megapixel back camera.

– Worth the price
– Lightweight
– Great battery
– Premium features
– Good camera

– Small screen is not ideal for gaming or web browsing
– Processor may not be able to handle long term, strenuous use
– No front camera

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Samsung Champ 3.5G S3770

Samsung Champ 3.5G S3770

This mobile phone makes the list for being a great bargain stuffed into a small package. By far the smallest phone of our list (2.8-inch screen), the S3770 has big-time features like 3G and Wi-fi.

The battery life isn’t great, but this is a full blown, mini smartphone that can take decent pictures, connect to Wi-fi networks, and has 3G connectivity.

Considering all factors, the Champ is a decent entry level smartphone under 5000.

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The End

After looking at our list of Samsung smartphones under 5000, you’ll hopefully have a better idea of the purchase you want to make. As you can see there are options for everyone, and this price range has plenty of good smartphones to choose from.

Best of all, you can trust and rely on any one of these products because they bear the Samsung name, which is a quality brand through and through.

If you’re still not sure whether a Samsung Phone is right for you, check out our article: The Best Micromax Mobile Under 5000

The Best Micromax Mobile Under 5000

It’s Time for a New Phone

It’s always an exciting time when you purchase a new mobile. A new mobile is like a new pair of shoes – it feels, looks, and even smells fresh. Frankly, it can be hard to put down. Of course, a lot of research goes into this decision, so it’s not all fun and games. You’ll have to find the right combination of features in your mobile that fits into your 5000 Rupees budget.

So with that in mind, we decided to review a list of the best Micromax mobiles under 5000 available to you in 2017.

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Choosing the Top 5 Micromax Mobile Under 5000

‘Best’ is subjective of course, but for most, ‘best’ means a mobile with a strong battery, nice screen, and features like a nice camera and speakers. Other things to look for is Wi-fi, Bluetooth, 3G and USB compatibility. Each of these mobile options are good, but we decided to rank our favorite smartphones from Micromax (Under 5000).

Micromax Bolt A71

Micromax Bolt A71

The Bolt A71 is a dual-SIM phone that uses the Android operating system. It features two cameras, a 2 megapixel rear camera, and a VGA front camera. The screen is a vibrant, ~195 PPI density 5 inch screen.

This mobile comes with a 2000 mAh Li-Po battery that’s rated for 5 hours of talk time, or 300 hours of standby. It comes with bluetooth, wi-fi and USB support, too. It comes standard with 512mb of RAM.

The A71 comes in two colors – white and black.

– Receptive, colorful screen
– Solid battery life
– Large screen
– Two cameras

– Limited color selection

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Micromax Canvas HD

Micromax Canvas HD

Like the name suggest, this phone is all about high definition. Starting with the beautiful screen: it’s a 5 inch LCD, with a resolution of ~294 PPI. It’s a dual-SIM device running the newest version of Android which is great in India.

This mobile has a much-improved camera too. The back camera is a solid 8 megapixels, while the front camera is 2 megapixels. The back camera features an LED flash and autofocus, as well. This higher quality camera allows for full HD recording.

This Micromax mobile phone also has a beefed up processor and RAM. It combines a 1.5 GHz processor and 1gb of RAM for a smooth user experience.

Also included is bluetooth, Wi-fi, FM radio and a microUSB port. A FM radio comes standard.

– HD screen
– High quality camera
– Fast processor

– Front camera pails in comparison to back camera

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Micromax Canvas Juice 3

Micromax Canvas Juice 3

The latest in the Juice line, the Canvas is back and bigger than ever. You’ll love the specifications!

The Juice 3 features a great screen – 5 inches and HD display. Vibrant, sharp colors are present when the brightness is turned up. The Juice 3 has the highest resolution of any mobile that made our list.

Where the Juice 3 really got a bump was the battery. The battery is a massive 4000 mAh cell battery, which is necessary to power all of the features. In addition to GPS, Wi-fi, and bluetooth, this mobile also has an accelerometer, magnetometer, ambient light sensor, and proximity sensor. This is a true example of a ‘smart phone’.

The Juice 3 uses a 1.3 GHz processor and includes 2GB of ram for a fast, lag-free user experience. You can quickly and easily upload pictures and videos to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

– Great battery life
– Impressive screen
– 2GB ram

– Bigger battery adds weight and size to the phone

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Micromax Bolt Q324

Micromax Bolt Q324

The Q324 is one of the more affordable options on the list. It’s a little more bare bones, but still provides most of the amenities you’d expect from your average mobile phone.

This mobile has a basic camera, with a 2 megapixel back camera and a .3 megapixel front camera. The front camera is suitable, but only in good lighting.

The screen is smaller than the other mobile’s on this list, checking in at 4 inches. The quality of the screen is actually pretty good, with ~233 pixels per inch. It’s not HD, but it’s not poor quality.

Like we said, it does include the basics: bluetooth, wi-fi, micro USB and GPS. The 1450 mAh battery claims to provide a talk time of about 5 hours. It has a quad core 1.2 GHz processor that gets the job done.

– Vibrant screen
– Price
– Multiple colors to choose from

– Poor camera
– Weak baterry

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Micromax Andro A60 

Micromax Andro A60

The Micromax A60 is an entry level, basic smart mobile phone. It’s the smallest of the five, with a 2.8 inch screen. A stylus is recommended to make navigating with the touch screen easier. It runs an older form of Android, with a 600 MHz processor. The processor isn’t the strongest, so going through the interface can be a little clunky at times.

This mobile does indeed have a camera. Just one though, a 3.15 megapixel back camera, with autofocus. The camera takes quality pictures with good lighting, and you have the ability to share a picture of Facebook and Twitter.

Other features include 3G, Wi-fi, bluetooth, and GPS. A Li-Ion 1280 mAh battery provides talk-time of 4 hours. Internal memory of 150 MB can be increased to 32GB with microSD card.

The only feature ‘missing’ in the A60 is the front camera, for the most part, this phone is as capable as all others on our list.

– Good camera for the price
– Good included features
– Affordable

– Small screen
– Short battery life

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Bottom Line

After reviewing these five Micromax phones available in India, we came away impressed. Each mobile had it’s own pros and cons, but they were all quality options considering their price point.

Even the most basic, budget mobile phone will guarantee you a touch screen, camera, w-fi capability and a solid Android operating system. Though, they aren’t the most eccentric group of phones, being available in black, white and occasionally blue.

Finding a Micromax Mobile under 5000 doesn’t mean you won’t have many choices. You will be able to find a quality, useful, fun mobile without a problem.

If you’re still not sure whether a Micromax Phone is right for you, check out our article: The Best Samsung Smartphones Under 5000

Do Computers, Cell Phones Add to, Detract from Adventure Travel?

hard to remember now, but back in the days when we traveled barefoot in the snow, there were no cell phones, netbooks, or iPads lug around on trips to exotic locales: No. Now, of course, virtually every traveler leaves home, back bowed under the weight of electronic gadgets. But what do we really need when we travel? Do our travel computers, cell phones, and cameras add to our trip.? Or, by taking our focus away from our new and challenging environment and cosseting us with our Facebook friends and e-mails about family doings back home, do they actually detract from our adventures?

Adventure Travel Before Computers

Well, okay, maybe I never walked anywhere barefoot in the snow. But when I bought a plane ticket and a Eurail Pass and decided to sleep in hostels in what I cheerily called the “Europe on the bread and yogurt Plan,” I went without a cell phone (there weren’t any), a GPS (ditto), a computer (no lap tops in 1982) , digital cameras (are you getting the picture yet?) or an iPads. Not to mention all the accessories that go with them (different charger for each, ethernet cables, converters, adapters, a mouse, a case, cables, and the list goes on).

Fellow adventurers of a certain generation may recall how we barefoot travelers got messages in the age before e-mail. We didn’t use passenger pigeons, but our system wasn’t a whole lot more sophisticated: We’d give out an itinerary of where we expected to go, and those of us with an American Express card would check in at the American Express office in any large city, hand-rifling through the unguarded, more-or-less alphabetized stacks of letters and packages to see if anyone had sent us anything. Those without AmEx used poste restante. Phone calls were a buck or two a minute; more if you called from hotels. And those were 1980 dollars. (Plus you had to figure out the phones in another language.)

So most of us had limited contact with home, which increased our dependence on each other. If we were going to communicate with another human, we didn’t do it via wires, we struggled to find enough words to have a conversation at a hostel table where eight people spoke six different languages. There was a sort of immersion that occurred simply because, alone and disconnected from home, there was no choice but to jump into a new culture and try to stay afloat in it. There was the necessity of leaving one world firmly behind, and the act of doing so pushed us into another, even if it was at first difficult to figure out how to exchange pleasantries with the girl from Yugoslavia or the guy from Portugal. We couldn’t escape by gluing ourselves to the screens of our digital equipment. And we didn’t have to listen to someone else’s cell phone conversation when sitting in a hiking shelter in the middle of nowhere.

Computers, Netbooks, iPads, and Cell Phones for Travelers Considering Your Digital Needs

Your digital needs depend on you. For me, travel writing is a business, so I need to write and, upload stories, send e-mails, and take, download, and transmit good quality photographs with a good digital SLR camera. camera.

So I haul around an extra bag full of electronics. For an adventure traveler, that poses a problem: When you’re headed for poor countries and plan to stay in bare-bones lodgings (no safes, no uniformed security guards, no 24-hour front desk service, maybe even no locks on doors) keeping expensive equipment requires more vigilance and makes the traveler a bit of a target. Climate conditions – monsoons, dusty bouncing buses, sand and dirt – are also a problem. But assignments and editor questions come into my inbox whether I’m at home or wandering around Zanzibar or Machu Picchu.

That’s my excuse for traveling with ten pounds of digital gear. What’s yours?

  • You might be blogging, or researching cultural, environmental, or language details as you go.
  • You might want a phone with medical and health apps for emergencies in the bush. GPS, maps, and guidebook apps can help you find your way.
  • You might be taking really great photos (and isn’t it nice not to have to lug, care for, and develop film?).
  • If you have aging parents, children, urgent e-mails from bosses, and complicated financial issues that need attention, having communications tools at your fingertips may be the only way you get to take a long trip.

But there are not-so-good reasons, too: Are you really going to waste time on an African safari looking up sports scores or checking Facebook? When you’re huffing and puffing to the summit of Kilimanjaro, do you really need your iPad?

Here are a few issues to think about when considering which digital equipment you really need, for an adventure travel tour:

  • How much digital communication will be necessary? (Phone home once a week? Checking Facebook every day? Sending and receiving e-mails?) Can you get by with a simple international cell phone and occasional Internet access from an Internet cafe?
  • Which equipment can you absolutely not live without? (A camera would be my top choice, followed by a simple cell phone; Of course, many cell phones do both jobs).
  • Can electronic equipment such as a Netbook or an iPad earn its weight by making other things unnecessary (Guidebooks can be downloaded; the iPad has a GPS)?
  • What is the cost and availability of connectivity? In some countries, the cost of a month’s premium access might fund a whole week of budget travel. Can you get by with a pay-as-you-go phone?

Finally, remember that adventure is in part a process of stripping down and venturing into the world without safety nets and electronic umbilical cords. Indeed, the freedom you feel on a long adventure is in part a result of leaving not traveling with the kitchen sink (or its digital equivalent). At least, that’s what I learned when I walked barefoot in the snow.

How to Use Your Cell Phone as a Computer Modem

When connecting your computer to the Internet, there are many different options for hooking up the system to an Internet source. These include a wireless connection, high speed DSL and even cable connection. However, if nothing is available in the area, you may want to use a USB based Internet connection.

Although there are stand alone USB modems, most come in the shape of a cell phone. This allows you to hook up a cell phone to your computer system and use it to access the Internet. Having this option on hand is especially helpful if you are out of Wi-Fi range and need to access the Internet.

Download the Cell Phone Driver

Open the Internet browser on the computer (you must be connected to a different Internet source than the USB option to perform this download) and navigate to your cell phone’s manufacturing page.

Choose “Support,” “Drivers and Downloads,” then choose “Download” to download the drivers to the computer. In order for the computer to read and understand how to use the cell phone on the computer, you must have this driver installed on the system. Without it, the computer is not going to be able to use the phone as an Internet modem.

Install Cell Phone Driver

Double-click the downloaded driver file after it has downloaded to load the installation wizard onto the screen. Click “Next,” then accept the end-user agreement presented to you (you are not allowed to install the driver onto the computer if you don’t accept this), then click “Next” two more times to leave the installation name and location as-is. Select “Install” and the driver installed onto the computer.

Connect Cell Phone Modem

Plug the USB data cable into the USB port on the computer, then insert the cable into the USB connection on the modem. This is typically the power port used to charge the phone. Depending on the cell phone you have you may need to purchase a specialty USB cable directly from the cell phone company.

Power on the cell phone and select “Options” from the main menu. Due note this exact setup process may differ slightly, depending on the cell phone you are using. However, the actually sync process is going to be relatively similar, no matter what cell phone you are using.

Select “Internet Sharing,” then choose “PC Connection.” Choose “USB” from the list of options and then exit out of the menu on your cell phone. The computer automatically detects the connected modem, allowing you to access the Internet.

Best Power Bank in India (UPDATED FEB 2017)

How to pick the Best Power Bank in India

Powerbank Infographic

Power Banks have become one of the most important mobile phone accessories nowadays. Big screen smartphones, tablet PCs, notebook computers, digital cameras and other electronic are equipped to do diverse functions, leading to more frequent use, especially for business users and people who travel frequently.

Power Banks are critical to extending usage.

There are hundreds of power banks you can find online, but we are here to help you to choose the best one for your needs.

What you need to know about Power Bank capacity.

Power Bank capacity refers to how long the power bank battery can charge the gadget.

It is measured in mAh or milliamps for an hour. When a power bank is charging a phone, some of the charge is lost in the transfer of power. In simple terms, it takes energy to transfer energy. So, the real capacity is about 60% of the battery capacity listed on the Power Bank which has a high quality battery.

For cheaper Power Banks with inferior batteries, the real capacity is lower because the battery does not work efficiently.


Our Power Bank Recommendations

Sony CP-E3 3000mAH

Coolnut CMPBSUN-25 5200mAh

Syska Rainbow 8000mAH

F-EYE Power Bank 10400mAh

F-EYE FMPBJK-7 Best Power Bank 13000mAh

Tips You Should Know Before Buying a Power Bank Online

Between Lithium18650 and Polymer Li-ion batteries, always choose  Polymer Li-ion batteries.

  • They are lighter than Lithium18650,
  • Not prone to explosion,
  • More charging capacity than the average brand 18650,
  • Discharge characteristics are better, stable and have higher discharge platform as they use gel electrolyte rather than a liquid electrolyte
  • More safety and guarantee
  • Lithium18650 is of more weight, more heat produced.

Look at the conversion rate.

The level of mobile power conversion rate is one of the core measures. The amount of energy that can be converted into charging is them conversion rate which counts on the circuit board efficiency and the capacity of the battery.

Based on rated specification of the gadget’s battery, the number of “full charges” for that particular gadget can be determined. The more the conversion ratio and/or the capacity of the battery the more will be full charge cycles.

Try & assess the quality of the materials.

Check the Power bank internal structure to check whether the key parts are imported or domestic made ex: Boosting systems, Capacitors etc.

Check the product charge management system.

Power banks have an in-built charge management system. It adjusts the charging current according to the voltage of the Lithium namely pre-charge, constant voltage charging and floating charge.

Today Power banks mostly are of ordinary linear charge management, which is an old technology. It takes more than 15-20 hours for high-capacity rechargeable source to be full.

Smartphones use a pulse charge management which has multiple advantages such as low temperature, long battery life etc.

Check the product’s features.

There are respective features specified such as anti-reverse circuit design which can protect from damage. Dual interface design facilitating multiple electronic products to be used simultaneously is an obvious choice.

Figure out your needs.

For example, if you take a lot of long trips or are on the road a lot, consider buying high-capacity products otherwise a medium-capacity compact product would be your best choice.

Pay attention on the weight of the product.

Usually, try and go for a power bank that weighs around 600g-700g.

Build your own 20,000+ mAH DIY portable USB Power Bank

Being Courteous to Other People When Using a Cell Phone


People can get carried away using their mobile phone. Loud ring tones, arguments in public and continuous text messaging can be an imposition on others.

Choosing a Ring Tone

It can be tempting, and funny, to have an outrageous ring tone. For a little while other people might be amused by the sudden playing of the Beetles, the crow of a rooster, or whatever other ring tone has been chosen, however, eventually the novelty wears of and becomes annoying.

it is important to remember that unless the mobile phone is only used in private, other people will be exposed to the ringing of the phone. A ring tone should be adjusted to suit the situation. If taking a mobile into a restaurant it is appropriate to turn the phone onto silent or even off, if possible.

Using a Mobile Phone in Public Places

Sometimes it cannot be avoided that the phone has to be left on in a social setting. However, if possible this should be avoided.

Most people do not want to become part of a private conversation or a business one for that matter. It can be embarrassing for other people to have to listen to a private argument that may be ensuing on the mobile on a crowded train, in the morning on the way to work.


If going to the movies, a concert or the theater the phone should be switched off. There may be exceptional circumstances that mean the phone needs to be left on, and in that case it should be turned to silent.

A Mobile Should not be Used for Bullying

Bullying and intimidation with a mobile is not acceptable behavior. Most countries have laws against using a telephone device for means of harassment. Severe penalties are in place to avoid this type of behavior.

It also pays be to be cautious about text messaging. Text messages can be retrieved by telephone companies and used in evidence in court proceedings if need be.

Using a Mobile to Take Photos

Some people do not like to be photographed. When using the camera on a mobile care should be taken so as not to offend someone or get into trouble for taking photos without the approval of that person or those persons.

When to Turn a Mobile Off

Public places like hospitals have strict rules about turning mobile phones off. Similarly there are strict rules about leaving the mobile off on a plane, as it interferes with navigation equipment.

Court rooms also enforce a phone off policy. There are some Judges or Magistrates that will confiscate a mobile till the end of the day if it rings during court time in their court.

Good manners are important in all aspect of life. Using a mobile phone thoughtfully will ensure a harmonious relationship with fellow individuals.

To ensure good phone etiquette takes a little bit of thought about others. It is not difficult to be courteous to others when using the phone.

Adjusting the ring tone to suit the situation, turning it off when appropriate and ensuring conversations on the mobile are limited in social settings will ensure good phone etiquette.


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